Don't Stop Movin'

Don't Stop Movin' - S Club 7

"Don't Stop Movin'," is a song by S Club 7, released as a single on 23 April 2001. S Club 7 recorded the song in early 2001 after they finished making their second album, '7', with their regular songwriter, Simon Ellis, and Shep Solomon, who had worked on hits in the 90's by Eternal, Michelle Gayle etc. The song is notable for being made in a disco style and it features real violins and string instruments. The song was released in April 2001, and hit #1 twice in the space of a month (incidentally, it was Geri Halliwell's, "It's Raining Men," that spent two weeks atop the #1 position in between), becoming the year's seventh biggest-selling single, and scooping the BRIT Award for Best British Single in 2002 and ITV's Record of the Year accolade.

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