SpellSound Limited...

is an audio production company formed in 1999 to bring a unique and very high quality range of products and services to the professional music user and enthusiast. 

Built on a wealth of performance and studio experience over the last 35 years.

We have an Apple accreditaion in the industry standard Logic Studio production software

With years of musical production experience and utilising the latest technology, our main focus is the creation and production of accurate and authentic backing tracks for professional and amateur entertainers.
Our tracks are also useful to students and aspiring 'popstars', guitarists and guitar vocalists.
All tracks are created with great attention to detail, using real guitar (as opposed to synthesized guitar) and real backing vocals.

All tracks have live endings (no fade outs).

Why Choose SpellSound?

  • We are unique because of the flexibility we offer our customers.
  • We send all tracks out in three keys (this is usually the original record key,-1 semitone and -2 semitones). 
  • This gives you an instant choice of key when you buy a SpellSound track.
  • We are the only company that do this!
  • In addition, you have the options of buying tracks with or without backing vocals or with or without the main guitar part (where applicable). 
  • Just select the version you require before proceeding to the checkout.
  • We are an MCPS registered company, so you don't have to worry about copyright issues.

The SpellSound Sound

We undertake our own production in-house. This helps us maintain our very high standards.
Our tracks come alive in performance situations, helping you to put on the best performance you can.

Good shows get more gigs and using SpellSound tracks can help you achieve this.
Have a listen to the online samples.
We are very confident you will enjoy using our products, as do hundreds of existing satisfied customers.
We will be adding as many new products and services as possible and would be more than happy to keep you updated.
SpellSound Limited - A Commitment To Quality & Service!

Services Available:
In addition to high quality tracks we can also offer the following services;

  • Medley composition: Pick any selection of tracks from our catalogue and we will splice them together for you into a unique medley of your own. The charge is £25 for the creation of the medley plus £5 for each track chosen. You can leave the structure to us or give us instructions as to the track order, length etc.
  • 'Intro Tracks': We can create an "intro tape" to start your set including a voice over. The charge is £30 all inclusive and again we would take instructions or give you the benefit of our creative abilities.
  • Studio Recording:  Prices are from £25 per hour. Please contact us for album/demo recording packages.
  • Information and advice: If you have any questions, technical or otherwise about any music related subject, please ask and we will do our best to help.